Pārlekt uz galveno saturu

Spring barley 'DRUVIS'


Species: Spring barley

Variety title: Druvis





Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Stende Research Centre

Authors of the variety:

S. Kaļiņina, V. Vīksne, G.Timule, D.Muižniece, A.Nīcgale, S.Maļecka



Protection period of the variety:


Morphological description:


Multiple row ear (variety pallidum), average length 4.8 cm, medium density, average number of grains in an ear - 32. The average stem length is 85 cm, the plant is upright; well tillering: on average  2.4–3.3 productive stems per m2; the grains are elongated, yellow.

Economic characteristics:

Medium intensive variety; medium early: duration of growth period 75-90 days; crop up to 6.5 t ha-1


1,000 grain weight 42-45 g. Density 640-690 g L-1. Low protein content (on average 11.5%), high content of extract substances (on average 78.52%).

Susceptibility to diseases:

Resistant to loose smut, net blotch and rinhosporiosis, medium susceptibility to mildew, septoria and leaf rust.


For malt, food and animal feed.


In well and medium cultivated soils. Sowing rate 400 germinating seeds per m². Treatment of seed with mordant is mandatory. Optimum nitrogen dose in pure substance 60-90 kg ha-1. If the harvesting is delayed, breaking of ears is observed. 

For information:

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