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White clover 'Daile'

Species: White clover

Variety title: ‘Daile’    


Obtained by making a selection



Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Derived Public Person State Priekuļi Cereal Breeding Institute

Authors of the variety:

A. Apinis


The variety has been included in Section “A” of Plant Variety Catalogue since 1 January 2006.

Morphological description:


 The variety belongs to giganteum subspecies. It has large flower heads on 40-50 cm tall stems. The flower head contains 75 - 120 flowers. The leaves are large, 3 - 3.5 cm long, 2 - 2.4 cm wide, naked, with white pattern on the surface. Seeds are light yellow, 1,000 seed weight 0.7 - 0.8 grams.

Vegetation period - starts flowering in late May and reaches mass flowering at the end of the first third of June. The seeds ripen in late July or in the first third of August.

Economic characteristics:

Winter hardiness is very good Ripening - medium early.

Regrowth rate - very good, under good growth conditions can be mown even 4 times. The crop of green mass reaches 40 - 50 t/ha, if it is mown 4 times.

Productivity - green mass crop - high
Hay crop - medium
Seed crop - medium high (0.2-0.4 t ha-1)


Nutritive value - high

Susceptibility to diseases:

Disease resistance - medium.


Since 2008, the species has been included in the lists of plants for biological farming; a good nectar plant.

·         in grass mixtures for the development of highly productive perennial cultivated pastures;

·         for the obtaining of green mass in sown feed grasslands;  


Creeping short grass. Early, flowers in May and continues to flower until autumn. It is a perennial, remains in the stand for 10 years and more, if the conditions suitable for growth are provided. White clover has more shallow root system, therefore it suffers from lack of moisture more than other varieties. Does not tolerate shade and long-term dryness. Sufficient moisture and light ensures good vegetative reproduction of white clover, which fills empty spaces in grassland stand. The variety grows well in moderately moist soils rich in calcium and organic substances, can tolerate flooding. Sowing rate in cultivated pasture mixtures 2-3 kg ha-1, sowing rate in seed fields 6-8 kg ha-1.

For information:

Baiba Ošmane