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Perennial ryegrass 'Gunta'


Species: Perennial ryegrass

Variety title: ‘Gunta’    


Developed under the conditions of free pollination.


From variety ‘Priekuļu 4’, by pollinating with Laidze population. Initial title ’Priekuļu 59’

Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Derived Public Person State Priekuļi Cereal Breeding Institute

Authors of the variety:



Since 1059, the variety was zoned for cultivation in the territory of Latvia

Protection period of the variety:


Morphological description:


Perennial loose tussock short grass, one of the most valuable grasses with high protein content and digestibility. Tillers well. The variety is diploid.

Winter hardiness - medium.

Economic characteristics:

Fast growing, with high protein content, good digestibility and chewability. Vegetation period - 135 -140 days. A period from commencement of growth in spring to the 1st mowing is 65 - 70 days. Ripening - medium late, flowers in the last third of June.

Regrowth rate - very good.

Productivity - dry matter productivity - medium 8 - 10 t ha-1
Seed crop - high (0.8-0.9 t ha-1)


Nutritive value - high

Susceptibility to diseases:

Disease resistance - medium.


Suitable for grass mixtures in cultivated pastures, for mowed grasslands.


Mineral soils rich in organic substances with sufficient moisture are suitable for the growth of variety. Does not tolerate long-term dryness, poorly tolerates light sand soils. Winter hardiness - medium. In 2008 was recommended for growing under biological farming conditions.

For information:

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