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About Us - Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI) is leading research institution in Latvia, dedicated to development of sustainable agricultural production and crop breeding. With focus on integrated and organic farming systems, AREI conducts research on demands of these systems, development of sustainable crop cultivation technologies, evaluation of crop quality for effective use, production of feed, and economics of sustainable development of bioresource industries. AREI has a strong track record of participating in European research projects, including FP7 and Horizon 2020 initiatives such as EUROLEGUME, PRODIVA, COBRA, LIVESEED, and CORE ORGANIC COFUND. Institute has also established partnerships and collaborations with leading research institutions and universities across Europe. AREI is equipped with modern research facilities, including laboratories, greenhouses, and arable land for field trials and seed production. Institute also maintains a large statistical database of Latvian farms, providing essential input data for economic research in agricultural sector. In addition to these research activities, AREI provides consulting and advisory services to organic, conventional, and integrated agricultural holdings of all sizes. AREI is highly interested in participating in a number of upcoming calls for European research projects, including those focused on biodiversity and biotechnology, resilient food systems, circular and bioeconomy sectors, innovative governance, digital solutions and more.