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Annual ryegrass 'Druva'


Species: Annual ryegrass

Variety title: ‘Druva’    


Developed by means of hybridisation


Developed from the variety ‘Kameke’ and ‘Barezna’

Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Derived Public Person State Priekuļi Cereal Breeding Institute

Authors of the variety:

I. Holms


The variety has been included in Section “A” of Plant Variety Catalogue since 1 January 2006.

Economic characteristics:

One of the most productive and fastest growing feed cultures. The first mowing is possible already on day 50-55 after sowing.

Regrowth rate - very good.

Ripening - very good, 3 - 5 times of mowing are possible during the vegetation period.

Winter hardiness - medium.

Green mass crop - high.

Dry matter crop - high 11-12 t ha-1  Seed crop - high 1,0-1,5 t ha-1


Nutritive value - high

Susceptibility to diseases:

Disease resistance - good.


A valuable feed plant for mowing. Combines with peas and oats or vetch and oats well (30-35 kg/ha). Can be used as a cover crop for other perennial grasses (10-15 kg/ha).


The variety is not demanding in terms of soil, however, provides best results in cultivated sandy loam, improved peat soils, cultivated grass bogs. In 2008 was recommended for growing under biological farming conditions.

For information:

Baiba Ošmane