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Peas 'ZAIGA'




Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Priekuļi Research Centre




Registered in Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue in 2004

Morphological description:

Stem is well leafed, length more than 100 cm
Leaves are medium wide, light green
Flowers are white, large, 1-2 flowers on a floral stalk
The pod is straight, medium long, contains 5 - 8 seeds
The number of pods on a plant averages at 6 - 11
Seeds are round, light green, with white radicles
1,000 seed weight 200-240 g

Economic characteristics:

Seed crop on average 3.5 t ha-1
Green mass crop on average 353 c/ha
Protein content in seeds 26%, in green mass 16 - 18%
Seed taste very good, boiling results in rather homogeneously cooked peas


Food, feed, obtaining of green mass and fodder flour


The variety is medium resistant to pea weevil and only at certain years is infected with ascochytosis.
Can be grown in pure seeding, but highest quality seeds are obtained in mixed plantations with cereals (preferably - with medium early barley or ‘Selmas’ morphological type oats that do not have broad leaves)