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Peas 'BRUNO'




Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Priekuļi Research Centre




Registered in Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue in 2005

Morphological description:

Stem length 60 - 70 cm
Leaves reduced
Flowers pink-violet
Seeds brown marble, medium coarse
1,000 seed weight 220-248 g
Density 797 g/l

Economic characteristics:

Medium late variety
Does not lodge in pure seeding
Seed crop in pure seeding 3.2 - 4.1 t ha-1
Protein content 20.5 - 23.8%
Taste of boiled peas is very good


The peas can be used as food and animal feed.


Sowing rate 100 - 120 germinating seeds per m2. It is recommended to treat the seed with mordant. The variety is suitable for growing in cultivated loam and sandy loam soils. Recommended fertiliser doses P2O5 50-70 kg/ha, K2O 80-90 kg/ha in natural substances. Use plant protection agents in accordance with recommendations.