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Aina Kokare attended NOVA organized PhD course

Image author: No AREI arhīva

Aina Kokare and Indra Ločmele attended NOVA organized PhD course on “Adaptation and Resilience in Plant Breeding” held at University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) from 11 to16 June 2017 in Umeå, Sweden.

The course focused on studying genetics for adaptation and resilience, and translating these abilities into breeding goals that can support the sustainable farming systems in Nordic Europe and elsewhere under future global change conditions results in the need for cultivars that enhance both yield stability as well as resilience.

During the course the information on new selection methods such as genomic prediction and the use of genome-wide association for identifying genes related to both adaptation and resilience was given. The course included the lectures on crossbreeding (including managing genotype-by-environment interactions), molecular breeding and other new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) for crops and trees.

The conference was attended by 20 PhD students from Nordic Universities. Aina Kokare presented results on beans (Vicia faba) genetic resources testing under organic conditions in Latvia. “Comparison of local and foreign faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes in organic farming”.


Submitted on: 10/07/2017