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Image author: No AREI arhīva

The project EUROLEGUME aims to explore and evaluate the European pea Pisum sativum L., faba bean Vicia faba L., and cowpea Vigna unguiculata L., genetic resources in order to develop new varieties for food and feed. The present handbook summarize results on screening of broad gene pool of 100 faba beans, 104 field pea and 68 cowpea landraces, old varieties, and unexplored varieties from different origin, collected and evaluated in Task 2.1 of Eurolegume project during 2014-2016 with the purpose to gain valuable information, which can be used by Gene banks, breeders, and researchers, in the context of several challenges that agriculture systems are facing, such as climate change and a consequent fast erosion of natural resources.

Submitted on: 31/01/2018