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Conference "Organics for tomorrow’s food systems"

Image author: No AREI arhīva

The 4 th NJF Organic Conference "Organics for tomorrow’s food systems" Conference in Mikkeli (Finnland), organized byt the Finnish Organic Research Institute was held June 19-21. It gathered about 90 participants from 13 countries.

Dr.agr. Livija Zarina represented the EUROLEGUME project (FP7-KBBE-2013-7) with poster presentation “Genotype and environment interaction on field pea cultivars in organic cropping system”. This poster will be find in Organic Eprints.

Presentation here.

Short original scientific paper from NJF Report, Vol 13, No 1,2017, pp 65-66.

HERE Seminar 495. 4th organic Conference Organics for tomorrow's food systems. Proceedings.pdf  

Submitted on: 22/06/2017