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Spring barley 'RUBIOLA'


Species: spring barley

Variety title: ‘RUBIOLA’




Rūja/Run 8/458

Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:


Authors of the variety:

Linda Legzdiņa, Maija Gaiķe, Vita Gaiķe



Protection period of the variety:

up to 31 December 2036.

Morphological description:


The plants are relatively tall.

Long, dense, productive ears.

The grain contains hull.

Economic characteristics:

Medium-late variety.

Comparatively resistant to lodging.

The crop during tests in the conditions of biological agriculture in Priekuļi 2.6 – 4.9 t ha-1, but in Vecauce – 4.7 – 5.6 t ha-1.

In conventional farming, the crop is similar to the crops of standard varieties.

Comparatively good at suppressing the development of weeds in biological farming systems.


High 1,000 grain weight and density.

Medium content of protein and starch in grain.

Comparatively high content of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory peptide lunasin, iron and zinc.

Susceptibility to diseases:

Infection with mildew and net blotch is averagely common, low rates of loose smut infection are possible.


The grain should predominantly used for feed, positive results in beer production are also possible.


Suitable for biological agriculture and integrated cultivation under conventional farming system.

The recommended sowing rate in biological farming is 450-500 and in conventional farming - 400-450 germinating seeds per m2.

The recommended dose of N fertiliser in the event of conventional farming - up to 90 kg ha-1.

For information:

Linda Legzdiņa