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Spring barley 'JUMARA'


Species: spring barley

Variety title: ‘JUMARA’




Baronesse / L-2380 (Ww7291 / Dina)

Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:


Authors of the variety:

Linda Legzdiņa, Maija Gaiķe, Vita Gaiķe, Indra Ločmele



Protection period of the variety:

up to 31 December 2035.

Morphological description:


The plants are medium tall.

Comparatively high productive tillering coefficient.

The ears bend down, when ripe.

The grain contains hull.

Economic characteristics:

Duration of vegetation period – medium.

Comparatively resistant to lodging.

Suitable for medium intensity farming.

High and comparatively stable productivity.

During different tests, the crop exceeded the crop of standard varieties by 2 - 22%.

The average crop in Priekuļi is on average 5.45 t ha-1.


1,000 grain weight and grain density exceed the parameters of standard variety ‘Ansis', content of protein and starch – similar to ‘Ansis'.

High output of extract substances (on average 79.6%) and, in most cases, protein content conforms to beer barley standard.

Susceptibility to diseases:

Infection with mildew is comparatively uncommon, susceptibility to net blotch is medium, infection with loose smut is possible.


The grain should predominantly used for feed, positive results in beer production are also possible.


Suitable for integrated cultivation under conventional farming system.

It is recommended to treat the seed with mordant.

Recommended sowing rate: 350-400 germinating seeds per m2.

Optimum dose of N fertiliser - 90 kg ha-1.

For information:

Linda Legzdiņa

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