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International Barley Genetics Symposium 2022



Location and time of demonstration

Field demonstrations will be located at PRIEKULI (Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Priekuli Research Centre, 57.31 N, 25.32 E) which is 100 km east of the capital Riga.

Field demonstrations will be visited during the Symposium field day on July 7th

Barley material, sowing and treatment of plots

Please, use the form on 2nd page to submit barley seed.

Mainly spring barley, comprising research material or advanced breeding lines is expected. While it is possible to sow small plots of winter barley in cases of particular interest, please, note that overwintering can be very poor in Latvian unstable winter conditions and there is a chance that they will winterkill completely.

Material will be sown in a conventionally managed breeding field with mineral fertilizers applied in order to obtain 5 t/ha grain yield, one application of herbicide, insecticide if required, and no fungicides. We will do no seed treatment; please send treated seed if you prefer to!

One plot per accession will be sown (no replicates) with the main aim to visually demonstrate line performance during the symposium. We usually sow 400 germinable seeds per 1 m2 and suggest you use the same (or different seeding rate if you prefer) and send the exact amount of seeds for the plot size you choose.  


Winter barley seeds need to arrive not later than September 1st 2021

Spring barley seeds need to arrive not later than April 1st 2022

Shipping address:

Dr.Linda Legzdina

Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

Priekuli Research Centre

Zinatnes iela 2

Priekuli, LV-4126



Please check to determine if there are any restrictions on sending seeds for research purposes from your country to Latvia (European Union) and to obtain the necessary permits!  No Import Permit is required to send barley to Latvia, however a Phytosanitary Certificate is recommended.


Looking forward to seeing you, and your barley, in Latvia and particularly in Priekuļi in summer 2022!