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Peas 'SELGA'




Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Priekuļi Research Centre




Registered in Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue in 2001

Morphological description:

Stem is well leafed, stem length 110-140 cm
Leaves are green, medium large
The flowers are pink-violet
The number of pods on 1 plant averages from 6 to 15
The pod contains 4 - 8 seeds
1,000 seed weight 253 g

Economic characteristics:

Medium early
Seed crop in pure seeding is 4.4 –7.2 t ha-1

Average green mass crop  34.5 t ha-1
Dry matter crop 5.5 t ha-1


For feed


In pure seeding, in mixed plantations with barley or in mixed plantations with oats
Sowing rate 100 - 120 germinating seeds per 1 m2 in pure sowing, or 30-50 germinating seeds per 1 m2 in mixed plantations.
Preferred types of fertilisation include mineral fertiliser forms that do not contain nitrogen or have minimum nitrogen content.
Preferable predecessor - root crops