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Kentucky bluegrass 'Gatve'

Species: Kentucky bluegrass

Variety title: ‘Gatve’    


Developed by means of individual selection.


From Dutch variety ‘Campus’

Maintainer and representative of selection breeders:

Derived Public Person State Priekuļi Cereal Breeding Institute

Authors of the variety:

I. Holms


In Latvian Plant Variety Catalogue since 2001.

Morphological description:


Creeping short grass, which quickly develops a dense stand with stable turf in grass mixture plantations and meadows, perennial, in terms of soil requirements - medium demanding variety, because grows well not only in field soils, but also in peat soils.

Economic characteristics:

Longevity - 10 years and more. Winter hardiness - high.

Ripening - early, flowers in early June. Regrowth rate - good, under favourable vegetation conditions can be mown 3 times, Productivity - dry matter crop - 8 - 9 t ha-1, Seed crop medium to high (0,3-0,4 t ha-1)


Nutritive value - high

Susceptibility to diseases:

Disease resistance - medium.


·         pasture type variety, suitable for growing in well cultivates, sufficiently moist mineral and peat soils,

·         in field grass mixtures very well combines with white clover,

·         due to the beautiful stand and durable turf it is well suitable for the development of decorative lawns,

In grasslands, the bluegrass is sown together with timothy-grass, meadow fescue and red fescue, as well as other grasses. Out of legumes, the most suitable for pastures are white clover and common bird's-foot trefoil.


The variety is not demanding in terms of soil, however, best results are achieved in loose sandy loam, loam and sand soils rich in organic substances. Also grows well in peat soils, well tolerates flooding. Very good winter hardiness. Starts developing early in spring, as soon as the soil warms up to 4 - 5°C, starts flowering already in early June. Can grow under cooler weather conditions in summer as well.

For information:

Baiba Ošmane